3 Important Lessons From The Blind Adventurer

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Divyanshu’s life story is truly one to reckon with. After losing his sight at the age of 21, he ran an IT company, won a national award, went paragliding, earned a degree as a psychologist and now trains across the country and helps other visually challenged people excel in whatever they choose to do.

1. Accepting where we are

Divyanshu lost his sight at a young age and had no say in the matter. “I could have very well swum in my pity pool, but I accepted the situation and chose to move forward.” It was his acceptance that allowed him to truly excel in whatever he chose to do. Life is unfair but we’re all playing the same game. If you’ve been dealt a bad hand, so be it. What you choose to with the hand that you’re dealt is all that really matters.

2. Nobody gets to set your limitations

When Divyanshu went to a rehabilitation centre to deal with his situation, he was put in a world where he was told that the blind could only do a few things. He rejected this philosophy and showed the world that it was possible to do so much more. People may tell you what you can or can’t do – the only person who gets to decide is you.

3. Cut the noise and learn to live

Divyanshu contracted Tuberculosis and was in a situation where the battle was between life and death. He made it through. “When you see death so close, you really learn to live. All the unnecessary things that seemed to matter most disappear and life becomes more meaningful.” Cut the noise and start focusing on what really matters. You don’t need to be in a life or death situation to figure this out.

Which of these lessons apply to you right now? Do you think there’s something else that can be picked up from the story? Let us know.


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