“Doing The Impossible” – The Story Of Our Meetup

Saturday evening, we were all set for our very first meetup, ‘Doing The Impossible’.

As folks started walking in, it was clear that we were in for a rich conversation. Diversity ensures that. We had a dance choreographer, a couple with a chemical business, another in the space of agriculture, graphic design and several in the midst of building startups. Lest we forget, we also had writers in our midst, one of whom we’ve already featured on our site.


The conversation was rich with an odd twist – the hot topic, more than what ‘Impossible’ is about, turned out to be looking at what we really want for ourselves and how much that really counts. Different perspectives moved around the room as we looked at how this could drive us to getting our version of ‘crazy’ done.


The day ended with a quick dose from Eshwar Sundaresan, an acclaimed novelist, sharing with us his thoughts around obsession, looking at what we want and his view of sacrifice being a ‘glorified word’ we use for ourselves.

What did people finally walk out with? Essentially, a lot more clarity around what they want for themselves; but more importantly, a small step they could take for themselves to move forward post the meetup.


We started these sessions with an agenda of making a tangible difference and this has been our first step in doing that. The indirect effect was to also have different sets of folks connect with each other and see what they could learn as well. To all of you who made it, thank you for contributing and making a difference to us and everyone else.

To the rest of you, we hope to see you next time. We’re only going to get bigger, stronger and better.

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