Quick-read: One Lesson For You From This Social Entrepreneur

This post can be read independently, but we recommend that you read Shalini’s story here.

Shalini Datta gave up her corporate life to live a life of service. She played a role with Teach for India before starting her own social enterprise to empower women.


There are many lessons from her story. For now, we’re going to pick one. The reason we’re doing that is because it’s such an integral piece to how we make our way through life. She says it best right here:

Success Is Subjective

“There are so many people who want to go after their dreams, but they can’t, because of the support system that they have around them. In our society, success is defined by certain rules, we don’t even know if we can even regard that as being successful. We let things like earning a certain salary or having material items define our success. The biggest issue is that we never question that and we’ve defined these in our own heads.”

That’s it. ‘Success’ is an incredibly vague term, yet we seem to grow up with very strong definitions of it; often, these definitions match what society expects one to be. It is for this very reason that someone who feels ‘ambitious’ could feel ‘unfulfilled’. Success is really what you think it is. It could be running a business, being an artist, travelling around the world or simply living life doing the things that you love. For some of you, success could even mean how well your relationships work. More importantly, you can have multiple parameters and not just one.

There are no rules. All that matters is you get to define what success means.

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