She Lost Her Arms But Surged Ahead – Two Lessons From Malvika’s Story

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Malavika Iyer. December 2013. photo Nathan G

Malavika Iyer. December 2013. photo Nathan G

Malvika Iyer lost both her hands in a blast at at the age 13. After going through an arduous journey, she is now a motivational speaker, dancer, model and an activist for inclusion. Here are two bits we could take away from her story.

The power of perspective

Malvika’s very first statement in the interview was “I’m glad this accident happened”. She almost sounded ecstatic! Ever since then, her life turned around and has paved the way for her to do and achieve more. It’s strange how such a tragic event could set one on a path with possibilities. Look at your life right now. Is there any aspect of your life you ought to be rethinking? Ultimately, how we look at things is what helps us move forward.

It really is all fine

For Malvika, self-acceptance was the biggest part of what it took for her to surge forward. We all can have the tendency to criticise ourselves or look at our shortcomings; while they may exist, there’s no point in beating yourself up for it.  In fact, acknowledging what you have and you don’t but still choosing to move forward gets the job done.

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