Three Lessons From An Acclaimed Writer

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Eshwar is an acclaimed writer with a fair number of novels to his name, the most popular one being Behind The Silicon Mask. He’s also won several awards for his work. Today, he runs workshops for aspiring writers as well and is a mentor to many of them. He is also a counsellor and has worked with many NGO’s to make a difference.  More importantly, he lives life on his own terms. It was a long period of struggle and introspection before he could get to this point.

Here’s what we can learn from Eshwar:

1. Do good work

Simple? Hard. Oddly, lots of people seem to miss the importance of this. Eshwar’s novel went through nine iterations before it was published. It was several years before it even saw the light of day. While perfection isn’t always necessary, it’s still important to do it right.

2. There’s no such thing as sacrifice

“There was no sacrifice in what I did”, he says. “I use the word ‘sacrifice’ with so much contempt because we never do anything as a sacrifice. We do things, either because we get joy doing it, or because we are too scared to do what we actually want to do. We give it a very glorious term at the end.” Sacrifice makes the work we do quite hard, doesn’t it?

3. You decide your self-worth

“Rejections are part and parcel of life. I never let what anyone thought of my work decide my self-worth.” You will always find critics, and they’re important. If you’re up to something big or unique, you will most definitely find them. Take the feedback but don’t let it mean anything about you.

Do you agree with what’s above? Is there something that you needed to hear right now? Let us know.


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