Three Lessons From The Visionary Educator

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5Dr. Srinivasan established a school that continues to make a difference to children by giving them a well-rounded education. His students have won international chess competitions, published books online and one particular student have even filed for a patent. Today, his school is a model for any school that wishes to break the norm and deliver high quality education. Here’s what you can learn from him:

1. Absolute, Unshakeable Clarity

Srinivasan spent ten years saving money to start the school. The next ten years went into establishing the school and this involved a monumental effort. The only reason he stuck on through two decades was because he was absolutely clear on what he wanted. “If I had even an iota of doubt, it wouldn’t have happened. We knew what we wanted and that’s how we could weather the storm. Lions and tigers will be around but you can also find people to help you if you know what you want.” Do you know what you want? And are you absolutely sure?

2. Challenges and your growth

To get the school, going, Dr. Srinivasan had to fight court battles over land disputes. He also had to educate the parents on their innovative model of teaching. Added to that, all the money they had brought in to run the school had dried up. They still made it. “The challenges we had were simply a way to grow”, he says. What challenges do you face right now and how are you looking at it? If you don’t have a challenge…well, why not?

3. Create Impact

This really is up to you. Dr. Srinivasan’s vision involved not what he wanted for himself but what he wanted for children in the space of education. The truth is, really big dreams involve creating a big impact. This isn’t for everybody. If you’re a big dreamer though, you should be asking yourself what kind of impact you intend to create.

Do these three points make sense to you? What do you think?

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