Two Important Lessons From The Sand Artist

This post can be read independently, but you should also read Raghavendra’s story here.


Raghavendra made a career out of a very unconventional calling – he’s a professional sand artist. It’s surprising that he was able to stomach taking the risk of stepping into uncharted territory. Here are two lessons for you from his story.

Let your passion speak

Raghavendra believed in letting your creativity shine. A mundane, cushiony job can give us all the comforts in life, but is there something else you’d rather be doing? Doing what you love can help you attain some peace. It could start as a hobby, and that’s fine. Start somewhere.

Don’t always expect a struggle

Going after what you want or simply doing what you love can have its ups and downs. Yet, it’s so easy to ignore the ups! As much as things can go wrong, it can also go right. Raghavendra’s story is proof of that – he succeeded gloriously in his choice of a profession even though it was unexpected. Why always expect the worst?

What do you think? Is there something else we should be seeing in the story?

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