Two Lessons From This Bubbly Illustrator

Alicia Souza has quite the following. From a vibrant Facebook page to clients that can’t seem to get enough of her work, she has everything going for her. With a mix of her talent and will, she now lives life on her own terms and gets to do what she loves. Here’s are two things you could learn her:


Yes! We did it. We found a photo of Alicia not smiling. They told us it wasn’t possible, but we said nay! Dreams can come true and that’s what we’re about. But we digress. Point being, what she said is important. The only way to get better is to do what you’re uncomfortable with. The good news is, it will get normal. What do you need to do that you’re uncomfortable with?

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This is a tough call to make. When Alicia had to make it on her own with no plan, saying that she wouldn’t do crappy work was an extremely difficult choice to make – to only do what you love. How often do we compromise on what we do? What would happen if you didn’t?

We said two, but here’s a third that Alicia didn’t say but embodies. Have a blast. In whatever you do. Alicia carries her cheerful personality wherever she goes. She could almost convince you that there are no bad days. Who you are makes a difference in what you do.

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