Two Lessons From These Successful Manufacturers

This post can be read independently, but it’s a good idea to read this story first.

From a small garage, Saurav and Nikyta Modi built a Jute manufacturing business from scratch and their products are now available in several of the lifestyle stores across the country. Here are two things you could pick up from their story.


Test yourself

Saurav worked in a corporate world for a while and felt quite comfortable. He described it as a ‘lot of fun and not much work’. But he soon lost interest and decided to help his father with business. A little while later, he decided that he had to ‘test himself’. There was no turning back ever since. Often we’re looking for comfort, but what might be possible if you chose to test yourself?

No guidance and mistakes

“If you are always guided, you never make your own mistakes, and hence you learn less.” That’s an interesting philosophy. We’re not always going to have a holding hand showing us the way, but there may be some benefits to that. What’s more interesting is how Saurav and Nikyta shifted their perspective to view the lack of guidance in the Jute Industry as a benefit.

What do you think? Is there something we’re missing from the story?

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