What ‘Extraordinary’ Really Means – Three Lessons From A Trailblazer

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gloria4Gloria Benny was part of an organization (Make A Difference) that impacted thousands of children across the country. Over the last ten years, they’ve been able to spread across 23 cities and have had 25,000 people pass through their pipeline to assist with the cause. She’s now walking her own path. All of this started when she was just 20. Here’s what you could learn from her:

Negativity can be your fuel

When they started off, all of them were college students. NGOs didn’t take the organization seriously as they were a bunch of youngsters. They faced other forms of scepticism along the way. All of this drove Gloria and the other founders to prove them wrong. Ten years later, they have made a tangible difference across the country. Does negativity drive you?

Choose your battles

You can’t win over every mind, no matter how hard you try. Some folks will always look at what you do and have a not-so-pretty opinion about it. Do what you do even if everyone doesn’t agree with it. You don’t have to play a role in every argument; often, this distracts you from you end-point

What being extraordinary really means

Results. Getting the job done. No matter how smart a person is, the world may not notice if there’s no real-world impact. Extraordinary isn’t in the head, it’s out there. As long as you execute, you fall in that category. The late Dr. Kalam is a shining example; it’s possible that there are people with a higher IQ than him, but he is remembered for both his image and his achievements along the way.

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