What You Can Learn From This Travel Junkie

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Divya Nawale set foot on Antarctica when she was just 22. Since then, she’s been on all seven continents and has been a staunch environmentalist. She’s been an achiever through and through and even helped set up a renewable energy source in Maharashtra for children. She had obstacles in her path and she found a way to push past it all.

Here are two things you could pick up from her.


There’s an old line that goes ‘Plans change but goals never do.’ If you really want something, it’s simply about taking on new paths to get there. Div had to jump through a lot of hurdles to make it to Antarctica. The end-point never changed but she worked with new paths to get there.


Not all of us are bitten with the travel bug. The larger lesson is that it pays to make your world bigger. Start with meeting new people and connecting with those outside your circle. There’s a world out there worth exploring.

Here’s a bonus one for you:

Clarity is overrated

Div believes that you don’t always need to know what you want. Sometimes, it’s just about exploring and finding your way. This actually goes against everything we’ve been talking about on this site. If anything, we’ve kept harping on the importance of getting clear. There’s a different point here though – It’s important to not get hassled with the lack of clarity. It may take time, but explore, look around and see what works for you. You may just want to do many things and not find yourself stuck in a singular option.

What do you think? Is there something else to pick up from the story?

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