Going Beyond The Popcorn

A good movie has the ability to help you emote. In the last hundred years, we’ve cried, laughed and held our breath in anticipation or fear as we watched these pieces of fiction and kept munching on our cheese popcorn – which, by the way, is the best popcorn ever. No, salted popcorn doesn’t get the top spot. But we digress.

The point is, some movies can go much further and leave you thinking. Here are five movie moments for you and what we think should be taken away from them.

1. Your Time Is Limited

movie-quote-posters-LOTRGandalf said that. He’s a wizard. He just knows more.

The credo that your time is limited holds true.  What would you like to do with what you have? It’s never going to be an easy journey, but the good news is you can always get better.

2. You Grow Through What You Do

movie-quote-posters-godfatherThat’s how great people get to where they are. They do things differently and learn along the way. Also, would you like to disagree with The Godfather? Yea, we didn’t think so.

Of course, you’re still going to face situations where people are going to dictate what is possible and what’s not.

3. You Get To Decide What’s Possible


Howard Hughes, the aviation tycoon, said that. Well, atleast in the movie; but we do know he lived his life with that philosophy.

The only thing that really counts is how badly you want something. The rest is just noise.

4. What People Think Of You Doesn’t Matter


Most people spend way too much time competing with the rest of the world and worrying about what others might think. In that process, they never really discover or set out to do what they wish to. Be more than that. After all..

5. You Have What It Takes

movie-quote-posters-marypoppinsYou have the resources and people to help you get to the end-point. Even if it doesn’t feel like it.

So get out there and get going. Because Gandalf says so.

A lot of people wanted a printable version of the ‘5 Commandments of the Ambitious’ post that we put up here. We’re thrilled that you liked it. Here’s the PDF version for you, in A2 size.







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  • Akshaya you have captured the essence of what it takes to live a life at one’s own terms. Thanks for putting it so well through movies which are all time bests!!

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