The Perfect Age To Chase Your Dreams



24 must be the right age. You’re just out of college, on your own and can make some independent calls. It’s a good time to take a few risks too. On the other hand, you’re also a little inexperienced.  Possibly, hard-pressed for cash. Will you even get the support you need from your family? Given all of that, it might make sense to wait it out a bit?

Save some money. Get a little experience on the field. Hang in till you’re, say, 32 or 33? Then again, you could be married by now. Your expenses increase and you have to plan a lot better. You might even have a child. Isn’t this the right time to invest in a good house, if you haven’t already?

What about when you’re in your forties? Well, you’ve also invested quite a few years in your career. Maybe you’re earning decently too. On top of that, if you have kids, school expenses can be quite terrible. You’d be willing to take the risk, but would you want to do that with your family in tow?

Your fifties! That has to be the right decade, if not the age. Your kids are closer to being on their own. Hopefully, you’ve saved enough. Then again, are you the young maverick you used to be? Do you really want to work that hard now? You should be relaxing! Why risk what you’ve created for yourself so far?

Maybe you should get started when you’re younger.


24 must be the right age. You’re just out of college, on your own and..

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