Why Passion Is Overrated

Hold on. Take a breath. We didn’t say it doesn’t matter, we just said it’s overrated.

Passion gives you direction, but it’s not a guarantee that you will achieve what you set out for.


Have you noticed that the word ‘passion’ has found its way into popular usage only in recent times? Chances are your parents didn’t even think of such things! The current generation suddenly seems to find solace and a sense of satisfaction in this word.

Here are a few downers though. What if you don’t have just one passion? What if you don’t know what you’re really passionate about? Even if you find your passion, do you think that’s all you’ll be doing? Even following your passion involves mundane tasks. For example, if you’re excited about creating a product or a device, you’ll still have to do paperwork, work on your taxes, manage people, and other things you might find a bit drab. What if you’re not passionate about any of that?

The real secret to success is not in the passion but in your daily system. It’s in your work ethic – this is independent of your passion or goals.

Let’s look at any organisation. Today, there’s a strong conversation around the 9 to 5 work culture being a regressive practice. Interestingly, it still works. Why? It’s a steady system. Setting goals every financial year is a system. Quarterly milestones, Monday morning meetings, status updates… all of it sounds a bit drab but is part of a system. Here’s the interesting bit – Even if everyone isn’t very passionate about the goals of an organisation, it can still be achieved. The system is the golden ticket.

Imagine taking that lesson and applying it to our lives. A personal system can focus on how long you work, when you wake up in the morning or deciding to do the biggest task when you start your day. How about kickstarting your morning with a  clear set of outcomes and reviewing them before you sleep? All of these are systems independent of your goals and passions. Needless to say, your 24 hours does not need to fit into a system. Set aside a few hours for nothingness and a bit of fun too!

What do you think? What system can you set for yourself on a daily basis? At the very least, what’s the one thing you could  introduce to your day?



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