What’s this all about?

Now, that you’re here, let’s start with the most obvious questions – What is this site even about? Why are you here?


To answer the first – I’ve started this site as more of a passion-project and it will run for a year. Week-on-week, I have conversations with people who are either living their dream or have achieved their dream, and feature their story here – Hence the name of the site!

More importantly, you’re going to read stories of people who have achieved what they have despite the odds. This site is going to feature stories of people all around you. The stories will be diverse and each story will be one worth being told.

Now, for the more important question – Why are you here? I don’t have the answer to that…but I can help with why I think you should be here! This site is actually for you (and me)! This is a site for aspirers. If you’ve ever sat thinking about what you want in life, I believe this is where you need to be. Why? These stories are not just about people who’ve achieved their dreams, but of people who’ve faced a diverse set of challenges to get there. They stood through it all and made it.

This site is ABOUT them but not FOR them. It’s for us. It’s for us to know that whatever we’re thinking about can be done. Some of us are on our way and that’s great – let’s allow this site push us further.

On that note, I hope you’ll join me in these conversations. Over the next few days, the first story will be up! If you have suggestions as to who else should feature on this blog, please drop me an e-mail at 52dreamsalive@gmail.com . Do read and subscribe through Facebook, Twitter or E-mail (turn your head to the right of the screen…see it? There you go!).

They say that we spend 6 years of our lives dreaming. That’s long enough for us to get there, don’t you think?

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